Douglas Coupland's slogan billboards in Vancouver

A series of billboards created by Canadian author and artist, Douglas Coupland, can now be seen along the new Arbutus Greenway in Vancouver. The slogans on the boards are Holzer-esque "truisms" like: Doing Nothing is Very Different from Having Nothing to Do, Everybody on Earth Is Feeling the Same Way, and Hoard Anything You Can't Download.

The latest incarnation of his Slogans for the 21st Century project, whose iterations have been exhibited at the Serpentine Galleries and Somerset House in London and, most recently, at the Copenhagen Contemporary, is presented in partnership with Canada Council for the Arts board member Kim Spencer-Nairn, McKinley Studios and Pattison Outdoor Advertising.

The idea was hatched when Spencer Nairn saw that several billboards in Vancouver's new Arbutus Greenway—a kind of west-coast High Line built around defunct railway tracks—were sitting empty. 

"It was an accident," says Coupland—but a happy one for Vancouver's burgeoning public art scene.

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[H/t William Gibson]

Image: Luis Valdizon for McKinley Studios