Roybi is like a kid's favorite robot friend – if that robot was also an AI-driven tutor in almost everything

For decades in film and TV, we've been tantalized by the idea that one day soon, robots will step up to become a child's indispensable learning and emotional support companion. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, we're getting closer to the possibility of that day, although it's hard to imagine a human teacher ever being truly replaced by a machine.

However, there's a lot to be said for a robot friend that's always available to play with a child, spark their curiosity, and guide their intellectual and emotional understanding of the world around them. 

The Roybi Educational AI Robot Toy is the next step in that evolution – and it's pretty darn amazing.

At less than a foot high and cute as a button, don't be fooled – the Roybi is a hyper-sophisticated 1-on-1 friend and private tutor. And, unlike the very real frustrations of remote learning, Roybi offers personalized educational lessons that aren't based around a child staring at a screen all day.

Once connected via WiFi, Roybi is a wealth of information, offering over 500 age-appropriate lessons designed by experts and certified teachers in 70 different categories, covering everything from food, counting, and money to science, music, and literature. 

As they progress, Roybi assesses your child's skills and adjusts learning to match their pace. Roybi is also built with facial recognition abilities to not only identify and address your child, but also to read emotional cues to help soothe a kid who's upset or engage the child in conversation if they seem lonely.

Meanwhile, the Roybi app allows parents to have a direct role in what their child learns. From the app, adults can schedule lessons, pause or play or lessons, or even check in on how things are going through Roybi's internal camera.

Roybi has won itself plenty of fans, sweeping up accolades from organizations like Time and CNBC, taking home a Mom's Choice award, and being named a 2020 National Parenting Product Awards winner.

Regularly $299, the Roybi Educational AI Robot is now on sale at almost 40% off, cutting your price on a Roybi to just $187.99.

Prices subject to change.