These 10 pens aren't like that trusty ball-point you remember – they're better

When was the last time you sat down and actually wrote something with a pen? Not just an appointment reminder or a three-word note, but an actual written document with sentences and paragraphs and stuff? We're willing to wager that it's probably been a very long time.

While keyboards and digital devices have pushed physical writing implements to the edge of obscurity, don't consign pens and other such instruments to the trash bin of history just yet. There's a real sense of style, emotion, and control that only comes when a real pen meets actual paper to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas. 

Right now, you can enjoy that sense of creativity and true passion with one of these offers on unique pens and writing instruments that'll make you nostalgic for another time. At up to 71% off, it's a small price to pay for a virtual time machine right in your hand.

3-in-1 Power Pen – $19.99; originally $69

Sure, it writes like an ordinary pen, but then this Power Pen's got a few extra moves those old Bics never dreamed possible. In addition to working with a smartphone or tablet with its integrated stylus tip, it's also an emergency power bank that can connect to your devices via Micro USB or Lightning connector.

Omega AXL Inkless Pen – $29.99; originally $39

Omega 2.0 Inkless Pen – $29.99; originally $41

Omega Series 4 Inkless Pen – $19.99; originally $50

Omega Series 5 Inkless Pen – $29.99; originally $49

Is a pen really a pen if it has no ink? Omega answers that philosophical question with a resounding "yes" with their line of inkless pens. While there's no reservoir for ink inside, each of these Omega designs features an anodized aluminum body and an axl-metal tip that actually leaves small traces of metal on your page. These grey lines don't smudge or erase, and these pens never need sharpening and don't ever run out.

The AXL is the sveltest of the Omega models, weighing less than an ounce. Meanwhile, the 2.0 brings a little more heft, filling your hand admirably as you write.

The Series 4 has more of the trappings of a traditional pen, while the Series 5 improves on that design with a more ergonomic grip and even an accompanying pen holder for your desk. Meanwhile, all four come in a variety of colors, ranging from traditional gold, silver, blue, black, and a fancier rose gold option.

PenFire Bolt Action Pen – $13.97; originally $39

Part of the joy of a good pen is the precision of the mechanism that clicks and unclicks your pen into preparedness. Looking sporty with its distinctive rifle sight pocket clip, the Action Pen gets the feel of those mechanics just right with the realistic bolt-action mechanism here that smoothly advances and retracts to securely lock the ink refill in place.

SyncPen 2nd Generation Smart Pen with Notebook – $149.99; originally $199

Funded on Kickstarter, this pen has a tiny motion tracker inside, reading everything you write and turning it into digital text on the included 10-inch LCD writing pad. Then, you can save all of your handwritten notes, sketches, and other items into editable digital files that you can save, send as an email, or use to collaborate with others. It even lets you record audio to go with your text.

KeySmart Tactiv Bolt Action Waterproof Pen – $39.99; originally $56

Get frustrated when you've got to hold a pen just so to get it to write? Machined with robust aircraft-grade aluminum, the Tactiv is not only fully waterproof, but the pressured ink lets you write in any direction from any angle, even in extreme temperatures. And when you use the Rite-in-the-Rain notepads, you can literally take notes in a downpour.

iSpyPen Pro 2021 Model (128GB) – $114.99; originally $129

iSpyPen Pro 2021 Model (32GB) – $66.99; originally $79

If you've always wanted to be James Bond, this pen with a full HD-quality video camera inside might scratch that itch. Shooting in 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution with its own built-in audio recording, you can document everything happening around you – and no one is the wiser. Both boast a battery life of up to 75 minutes for extended recordings. The 32GB model can hold up to six hours of video footage, while the 128GB version expands that all the way up to a full 24 hours of storage.

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