Very handy numeric guide to those little stickers on fruit

The shoppers from the grocery app I use sometimes got the wrong produce. This guide to PLU codes helped me make sure I get a tasty Honeycrisp (3283) and not a disgusting Red Delicious (3284).

This is the most first-world problem I have had in some time, but I added these PLUs to Instacart's instructions for the shoppers, and the errors went way down. You can also put them in your phone if you still go to the store in person. You can search by word, item, or number.

  • 3000 APPLES Alkmene
  • 3001 APPLES Aurora/Southern Rose
  • 3002 APPLES Cantared
  • 3003 APPLES D'Estivale
  • 3004 APPLES Discovery
  • 3005 APPLES Golden Delicious Blush
  • 3006 APPLES Ingrid Marie
  • 3007 APPLES Lochbuie
  • 3008 APPLES Rubinette
  • 3009 APPLES Russet

Fun fact: organic items have the prefix of '9' inserted in front of the 4-digit conventional PLU code.

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels