1964 racists complaining about the Civil Rights Act sound like 2021 racists complaining about #BLM

Meet the grandparents of today's racists.

"In this WALB news film clip probably from 1964, WALB reporter Jim Knight questions white residents from Albany, Georgia, near a grocery store and later in front of Midtown Drugs about their reaction to a proposed civil rights bill.

The clip begins with Mrs. J. D. Miles, who expresses her disbelief at the bill and declares to stand up for her rights; she feels that African Americans already possess the same freedoms to work and build their neighborhoods as white people.

Next, Knight stops two women and a girl; one of the women expresses her concerns about possible violence and her preference that demonstrations remain peaceful.

Another unidentified woman interviewed by Knight hopes there will not be any "trouble," and adds, "of course, being a Southerner, I'm not for it at all."

A woman who does not have time to be interviewed interjects that she thinks African Americans already have equal rights.

A man and a woman walking together decline to comment when they are stopped, as does an older gentleman, who says "What I have to say wouldn't be fit to go on the air."

Another man and woman enter the store with a boy and a girl; they feel the bill should be voted upon as part of a national election, rather than forcing an "unwanted" decision upon the nation to accept. Finally, the last woman interviewed attests that she, too, is against the proposed legislation, and admits her concern about living in a neighborhood with African Americans".

[Via r/PublicFreakout]