This Linksys router makes sure none of your WiFi signal goes to waste

Remember the classic SNL skit, Wake Up and Smile? You know, the one where the teleprompter stops during a TV morning show? Within minutes, the absence of a script devolves Will Ferrell into Lord of the Flies-style insanity. 

It's hilariously silly…but it's actually an oh-so-subtle reminder that when technology breaks down, it doesn't take long for everyone affected to go savage and lose their damn minds. It's a lot like what happens when the WiFi goes down in the average American home. Hopefully, minus the decapitated weatherman, of course.

WiFi isn't a luxury anymore. It's essential. And a reliable addition like the Linksys EA7300-RM AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router can make sure every member of a household enjoys strong, powerful WiFi to all their devices at all times.

This router works with any existing modem, providing a connection for up to 10 or devices throughout your home, ranging up to 1,500 square feet. With dual-band WiFi speeds up to 1.7 Gbps, the AC1750 also incorporates Linksys' Multi-User MIMO technology, which works like a dedicated router providing WiFi to multiple devices at once, all at the same high speed.

Rather than dispersing a wide signal that scatters your abilities in all directions, the AC1750 uses beamforming, which sends a focused signal to each connected device, ensuring a stronger, more reliable link to the web. That eliminates all that buffering that drives everybody crazy so your household can enjoy 4K HD streaming, gaming, and more high-quality, heavy bandwidth activities without every other device suffering.

Meanwhile, this router gives users top-level control over their signal through the Linksys app. Through the app, you can prioritize devices, lay in parental controls, approve guest access, and more.

Regularly priced at $99, the Linksys EA7300-RM AC1750 Dual-Band Smart Wireless Router is now 30% off. Plus, when you enter the limited-time only Valentine's Day Sale code, VDAY2021, you can take an extra 15% off your total, making this item available for just $59.49.

Prices subject to change.