Vivarium is a horror movie that features suburbia as the monster

If you enjoy subtle sci-fi horror cloaked in a Twilight Zone veneer, sprinkled with shades of David Lynch, then Vivarium is a movie for you. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots, it starts off like a Rod Serling script: a young couple looks at a house in suburbia with a clean-cut yet off-putting real estate agent who gives them the creeps. When the showing is over and they try to drive out of the master-planned community, they get lost in a maze of cookie-cutter houses and keep ending up back at house #9.

And then Vivarium becomes something else, with unexpected moments of high-weirdness popping up throughout to keep the tension going. But I don't want to give anything else away – the fun for me was watching this movie without knowing anything more than what the trailer revealed. In fact, not watching the trailer would have been even better. It was a perfect Friday movie night pick. (And yeah, it was released in the US last March, I know, but I just watched it, and it's worth the mention.)