Get a full 15-ebook AI and Python research library for under $20

A North Carolina radiology company is now using artificial intelligence to identify breast cancer cases faster. Meanwhile, a Mexican startup says they've figured out how to use AI to help better find employees who will fit a company's unique culture. And, there's even a new study to, once again, reinforce what every Terminator movie ever taught us – that once a super-intelligent AI is unleashed, humans will not be able to control it.

The implications of artificial intelligence are both jaw-dropping and frightening, often at the same time. The way to avoid fearing tech is to understand it – and this AI and Python Development eBook Bundle by Mercury Learning is not only a fast track to unlocking the secrets of AI, but a pathway to eventually joining this amazingly exciting new tech field.

This collection from Mercury Learning brings together 15 ebooks, collectively taking users behind the curtain to understand the pieces that go into the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

About half of the collection begins right in the heart of this tech revolution with an exploration of the Python programming language. As a foundational component of data science and systems that emerge as AI, Python is fundamental. Even if you've never coded before, books like Python Basics, Python Pocket Primer, and Python: An Introduction to Programming break down all the starting points. 

The collection also features video training in how to use key Python tools like NumPy and Pandas, as well as Tensorflow, a platform that turns Python into the basis for machine learning.

The second half of this bundle then digs deep into the process of understanding and creating thinking machines. Artificial Intelligence Basics and Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century explain everything from the starting points of data analysis, search processes, and more through to practical applications in creating neural nets, genetic algorithms, and even complex board games. 

Together, the AI and Python Development eBook Bundle gather almost 4,500 pages worth of the best reference material around in the field. With this deal, you can get the full collection for just over $1 per book, at only $19.99.

Prices subject to change.