Unusual Audio Hallucinations: Do you ever hear bubble wrap in your pockets?

Spoken Word with Electronics is an audio series delivering to you a two side recording of unusual stories paired with vintage modular electronic sounds

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to the show. This week we get down to the serious question of the day: Do you ever hear bubble wrap in your pockets? Happened to us this week, and it very likely might have been a complete audio hallucination. Fortunately, using specific patented Psychomental Technology, we were able to record the hallucination itself in the audio track. Nice technology that doesn't exist, but great for recording imaginary bubble wrap. This week we also discuss the wonderful GAMESTOP moment. I'm reminded of the cultural Gamestop precursor, Radio Shack, which is a prized part of my youth, which had its own troubles with Hedge Fund assault, see its 2015 battle with hedge fund Standard General.


By delaying actions that might have preserved some of the chain's value, Standard General allegedly sought to take over RadioShack at the lowest price possible.

Hedge Funds are awful! I'd love them to be a hallucination. This week also provides tips on relaxation and "The True Self and The False Self", Part 25 of Charlie Pickle.

The entire thought of audio hallucination has been a fun one for me since I've been regularly using a Quantum Ocean daily. (See episode 22) The Quantum Ocean's wash of static, clicks, and noise produces audible thought hallucinations, not unlike what you might 'hear' while falling asleep at the edge of being awake or not, a kind of drift into dreaming. Fun as hell to be able to do this while fully awake. What sounds do you hallucinate?

SPOKEN WORD WITH ELECTRONICS #43: Do You Ever Hear Bubble Wrap In Your Pockets?

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Thanks and regards to GAMESTONK GAMESTOMP, Ethan