Gentleman trolls L.A. police with a slow-speed car chase that lasted for 6 long hours

A gentleman suspected to be carrying a gun led the LAPD on the weirdest car chase ever last night. Although car chases aren't uncommon in Southern California, this one was highly unusual: the man in pursuit was a very slow driver, teased the cops with starts and stops, and the chase lasted for more than six hours.

Starting at 7 pm, the driver meandered down residential streets, cruised along freeways, and went down the wrong side of the road at times as a stream of police cars tailed him. The driver must've had a full tank of gas, as his Chevy Malibu had no problem with the 6-hour journey, while police had to drop out at times to gas up their vehicles.

About halfway in you can see him slowing down, speeding up, and slowing down again, having a little fun with the cops:

At one point, they even passed a fire, which slowed them down even more:

By hour six, going only 25 mph, his tire came off and impatiently rolled past him:

Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, the jig was up. At around 1:30am he was standing outside of his car, where police arrested him.

Turns out, the fellow had no gun on him after all. But he did have two outstanding warrants for burglary.

Via NBC News

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