I love these Coconut Keto Clusters

OMG — sweet and crunchy, these Coconut Keto Clusters are a favorite snacks, or dessert.

I maintain a low carb diet and have pretty much since the introduction of 'Atkins.' Over the years I've learned it not only helps me regulate my weight, but my mood. One of the things I miss are crunchy, sweet snacks that aren't highly processed to all hell and back.

There are some of those that I like too.

Not just with snacks, but with all foods: I prefer to be able to identify the ingredients! These ingredients are simple and chunky! Its flakes of coconut with almonds, pecans, pumpkin seeds. There is a little bit of natural sugar and a bit of erythritol you can taste, but I could not visually identify. The natural sugar covers most of the erythritol menthol-style chill.

These are fantastically tasty. I enjoy then crumbled into yogurt, or just on their own.

I was glad to find them on Amazon as I found myself making unnecessary Costco delivery orders to get a bag or two.

Coconut Keto Clusters with Organic Pecans, Almonds & Pumpkin Seeds via Amazon