This record-breaking new 2.5 mile roller coaster will go 150+ mph

In 2023, Six Flags Qiddiya will open near Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with the centerpiece attraction of Falcon's Flight, a 2.5 mile-long rollercoaster that speeds along at 150+ mph. From CNN:

Riders will experience the thrill of diving over a vertical cliff into a 160-meter-deep valley (525 feet) thanks to the use of magnetic motor acceleration (LSM technology), and "achieve unprecedented speeds of 250-plus km/h" — about 155 miles per hour.

"The Falcon's Flight will also be the world's tallest free-standing coaster structure, featuring a parabolic airtime hill allowing a weightlessness airtime experience," says the release.

It will take up to 20 passengers on a three-minute long ride that and offers panoramic views of Six Flags Qiddiya.