Verified? Apply for a fancy blue checkmark crest for the outside of your home

Are you someone important? Important enough to have a blue checkmark to verify your importance on social media? Well, Blue Check Homes has devised a way to release $3K from your bank account: a "blue verified badge" for the outside of your home.

The blue verified badge on your house lets people outside know that you're an authentic public figure. To receive the blue check crest, there must be someone authentic and notable actively living in the house.

…For verified homeowners, the BLUE CHECK HOMES installation team will secure your home's very own plaster baronial crest for a fee of $2999.99. This fee includes custom painting the background of the crest to match the color scheme of your home and a free consultation to discuss the placement of the badge. (We will not change the shade of blue on the verification symbol.) We are insured.

Several hundred verified homeowners have already applied.

[Still reading? Good.]

This is satire — brilliant satire by San Francisco artist Danielle Baskin (previously). If you read far enough down on the Blue Check Homes page, you'll find a disclaimer that ends like this:

If you thought this was a full-fledged service, please investigate the things you read on the internet! And if you're an artist making jokes on the internet, we should consider adding disclaimers like this, because not everyone understands your commentary and will share your jokes as fact. 😢

In an email to Boing Boing, Danielle notes that she's formed a "board" to conduct interviews to determine eligibility of a few selected applicants. Keeping in the spirit of this artistic exercise, this "board" is made up of actors.

Thanks, Bub!

images via Blue Check Homes