Girl with approximately 150 "Bunchems" snarled in her hair

The nearly interminable detangling of a child's hair might be fun for some like Ravelrys "Knot a Problem", a group who will untangle yarn for you that you ship to them. For Pennsylvania mom Lisa Hoelzle, it was an absolute nightmare. Her son decided to dump a container of "Bunchems" on his sister's head, which is generally the kind of slapstick entertainment I endorse, but not this time. The Bunchems got snarled in her long hair–about 150 of these Velcro-like ball toys made by Satan himself.

On Hoelzle's Facebook post she wrote, "Amazing, that they can still be on the market with a small warning label stating that they can get stuck in hair." She also posted, "It took me about 3 hours to get out 15." After a total of 20 hours of pulling and refusing to administer a pixie cut, she freed her daughter of the tiny tormentors.

Having heard this story, and hundreds of others I'm certain, the toy's parent company, Spin Master Ltd, tells "Good Morning America" it's "no longer producing this item." Maybe now they'll have time to develop a stuffed animal filled with thumb tacks and metal shavings or some other kind of toy menace.