Police in Barrie, Ontario, "looking into" video of officer beating skateboarder with taser

Disturbing video taken in Barrie, Ontario, shows an angry police officer striking a detainee in the head with a taser, then striking him again with his fists. Bystanders scream; the officer begins threatening them, too.

Bystanders can be heard shouting that the officer is using excessive force.

At one point the man says, "I'm not resisting." Shortly after, the officer hits him on the back of the head with the butt of what appears to be a Taser. The man then shouts, "Please help me." Two other police officers arrive at the scene and help roll him onto his stomach and restrain him.

Two of the angles shot by bystanders are synchronized the video clip above.

Beyond the violent treatment of the victim, it's an example of an officer playing "Simon Says" to justify it. Though the man is pinned to the ground and immobiled, the officer demands he move his arms behind his body, which would clearly be impossible while the cop is on top of him, then to roll onto his stomach, also clearly impossible. He strikes the man after his failure to comply.

Stop resisting. Put your hands behind your fucking back. You want this? Put your hands behind your back or I'm gonna light you up.