Popularity of s'mores tracked with COVID-19 trends

More than once last year, my family determined it was a fine night for s'mores only to be disappointed at the grocery by bare shelves where the graham crackers and marshmallows are usually available in quantity. Turns out, chocolate manufacturer Hershey was tracking that across the country. From CNBC:

Hershey said its chocolate sales were 40% to 50% higher in areas with an increased number of Covid-19 cases than areas that were lower.

"This past year, we noticed that wherever Covid case counts were elevated, we were seeing increased sales of s'mores ingredients and then we were able to use the case count trajectory as a foreshadow of where we should focus some of those efforts and build displays and put media in those markets," said Buck.

Kinda feels like a s'mores night tonight, in fact.

image: Jonathunder (GFDL 1.2)