This beginner learning package can get you to speak six different languages for under $30

It might seem backward, but when you think about it, our COVID-closed world might be the best reason to get motivated and learn a foreign language. With everyone working from home, and very possibly staying there permanently after the pandemic subsides, the number of remote working situations should continue to skyrocket. 

As that circle expands, it may not be long before you're welcoming your first Spanish or Japanese speaking co-worker into your work environment — or maybe that fish out of water will be you.

Two-thirds of adults in the UK said they didn't appreciate the benefits of knowing a foreign language in school and wished they'd continued their training. Now, you can not only learn a new language, you can actually become an honest-to-goodness polyglot with the training in The Ultimate Language Learning at Home Bundle for Beginners.

Assembled by the language experts at Linguae Learning, this collection includes training in not one, not two, but six of the world's most popular languages. Linguae gathered dozens of professional language tutors to help craft their learning system, creating courses geared toward direct engagement with your new language without ever losing the fun of new discoveries.

This package almost serves as the sampler platter of language education. Each of the six courses is the beginning stage of learning one of the chosen languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Students will learn hundreds of the most-used vocabulary words in each language, grammar building-blocks, the rules for proper pronunciation, reading and writing skills, the most useful phrases for everyday situations, and even how to greet people and introduce yourself, all from just a single course each.

There's also an extra one-hour Spanish course dedicated to expanding your knowledge of primary Spanish words. And, all of Linguae's training is available in their app, accessible through virtually any desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or another device.

Linguae usually offers each of these starter courses for $199 each, but as part of this collection, the entire Ultimate Language Learning at Home Bundle for Beginners is available for only $29.99, a savings of over 90%.

Prices subject to change.