Draw Superman or Spider-Man like the pros with this comic book drawing bundle

It's easy to dismiss comics as kids' stuff. Heroes in capes and villains with dastardly plans have been playthings of childhood imagination for decades. Yet, despite the fantastical premises and larger-than-life storytelling, don't forget the true artistry and craftsmanship it takes to bring those wild ideas into vivid life on the printed page. 

Because while the works of painters like Picasso or van Gogh or Dali may be celebrated on museum walls, the works of comic book artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Neal Adams, Jim Lee, and Alex Ross are celebrated on theater walls — and drive millions to the movies through the sheer grandeur of their vision.

Sequential storytelling is an art form like no other — and with the training in The Learn to Draw Comics Book Characters Bundle, artists of all skill levels can unlock the secrets to mastering the art of comic book drawing.

This collection features four courses with over 33 hours of training that gets right to the heart of the medium, spotlighting the techniques and tools that can help you create a gorgeous piece of comic art or even create your own entire comic story.

Any work of art always starts with a grasp of the fundamentals, so How to Improve Your Figure Drawing Step-by-Step is a baseline introduction to many types of graphic storytelling. This bedrock training systematically breaks down various body parts into simpler shapes, so they can come together in an anatomically correct human form.

Of course, the face is where a character truly comes to life. How to Draw Heads Step-by-Step From Any Angle offers valuable training in how to convey facial features and emotion, regardless of an artist's particular style.

Superheroes and superhero comics live in a world all their own, which is why How to Draw Dynamic Comic Book Superheroes from Start to Finish breaks down some of the rules for artists interested in joining that idiosyncratic world. Along with the basics of proportion, anatomy, suit design, and more, artists are challenged to pencil, ink, and color a fully detailed comic book scene from concept to finished work.

Finally, Digital Painting Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5 brings the incredible innovations of digital art platforms into the discussion. Here, students learn how to digitally draw and paint all kinds of fantasy art elements using the powerful Manga Studio 5 software, an all-in-one app for creating your own comics and manga.

An $800 training package, The Learn to Draw Comic Book Characters Bundle is on sale now for just $5 per course, only $19.99.

Prices subject to change.