This 1080p webcam is the video upgrade your online meetings desperately needs

We've all become so accustomed to video meetings over the past year that it's safe to say we've collectively settled on a few universal pet peeves. 

No, keeping your camera off during a web call is not acceptable webcam etiquette, neither is answering emails or texts while you're video conferencing with others. It's rude. As for eating while you cam? Well, that's seldom a good look either.

But, for all those behavioral quirks that can come back to haunt you, you're on the hook for bad tech as well. If your cam looks grainy, fuzzy, or like it was manufactured when The Matrix was in theaters, it's definitely time for an upgrade.

The Essential Tech HD Workspace Webcam is a nearly effort-free way to get your entire video presentation in line with what everyone expects in 2021.

Easily attaching to any laptop or monitor via USB, the Workspace boasts an image quality that looks fantastic. This plug-and-play cam doesn't require any driver installation, and it's immediately ready for real-time image transmission to a PC, Mac, or a tablet. And along with full 1080p resolution, the autofocus feature ensures your videos are always sharp and crystal clear.

While the picture itself is usually flawless, this cam isn't satisfied with just good enough, sporting 3D denoising, image enhancement, dynamic contrast and other cool processing functions to create the best possible image. 

The Workspace also features a built-in omnidirectional mic for great sound pickup, even when you're backed away from the cam. And, for those times in-between conferencing, there's also a privacy filter that slips over the lens when you're not using it. You'll have peace of mind that no one is hacking into your cam, while it also protects the lens from dirt and debris so your video remains clean and clear at all times.

The EssentialTech Workspace HD Webcam is regularly priced at $79, but as part of this offer, you can save over 25% and get one now for only $58.99.

Prices subject to change.