Ford introduces an obnoxious new trucker hat to help truckers stay awake

CNet describes the so-called "Safe Cap" as such:

Ford Brazil's heavy-truck division created the Safe Cap, which looks like any other hat. However, it's loaded with sensors and hardware to combat drowsy driving. After identifying behavior that signaled drowsiness, Ford programmed its hat to pick up on those cues using an accelerometer and gyroscope.

In the event a driver is drowsy, the cap will emit three different types of signals. The hat can vibrate, make sounds and flash lights to alert the driver when it's time to pull over, stand up and take a little break. The automaker spent eight months testing it with a select group of drivers.

To be fair: it is true that trucking accidents have been on the rise. But maybe there's a better solution to driver fatigue than just shocking people back to consciousness?

Ford invented a trucker cap that fights drowsy driving [Andrew Krok / CNet]