Want to launch a podcasting empire? This training can get your new career started.

You aren't Joe Rogan. You didn't do standup, host Fear Factor, or fend off attacks from Conor McGregor. You aren't the driving force behind the web's most popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, with downloads of about 190 million a month and a paycheck to tune of as much of $75,000 per episode.

But…if you think you've got the idea for a podcast and you're willing to commit yourself to it, there's a lot of opportunity if you've got the talents, determination and a pinch of luck to make it happen.

Of course, that kind of success in podcasting only comes from a solid foundation — like the one you can build with the training in The Complete 2021 Start Your Podcast Bundle.

Over seven courses including over 23 hours of training, this package can be your introduction to the wild world of podcasting, covering everything from the technical to the oratorial and everything in-between.

Building a legitimate podcast is more than just talking into a mic. Coursework like the Podcasting class explains what it takes to get that project off the ground. No podcast succeeds without the right equipment, so the Podcasting: Setup, Record and Podcast in One Day guides users through some of the technical questions in setting up a quality production downloaders will actually listen to.

Of course, your content and delivery have to be on point as well. Courses like the 

Podcast Storytelling Masterclass help teach the techniques for telling an entertaining and relatable story, while the Podcast Power Breathing Masterclass explores steps for actually retraining how you sound and adjusting your breathing to better present the full richness of your voice.

Right now, the almost $1,400 of training found in The Complete 2021 Start Your Podcast Bundle is available now for over 90 percent off its regular price, only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.