Wuhan is known as Ground Zero for COVID-19. But it also has a thriving punk scene.

I'll be honest: I knew nothing about Wuhan before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In late March of 2020, I shared a webcomic here, written and illustrated by an American woman who was born in Wuhan, and who would continue to revisit her family in the city throughout her life. But that's all I ever knew about the place.

Now, after watching the documentary above, I also know that it's punk AF. The Jakarta Post calls it, "arguably China's punk capital, its historically feisty reputation reflected in the writhing mosh pits and live venues of a vibrant music scene." Larry Mullin at The Diplomat goes even more in-depth, highlighting some of the bands and personas that comprise the Wuhan punk scene.

Of course, the performing arts are struggling in Wuhan, as they are everywhere. But for the sake of the people who are trying to make a life in Wuhan, I hope that the city gets some claim to fame beyond an unfortunate association with COVID-19.

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