Does your state have an official state dinosaur?

The people of Massachusetts have spoken. Podokesaurus holyokensis was the clear winner over Anchisaurus polyzelus, garnering 60% of the votes in a recent election to name an official state dinosaur. Before you judge Bay Staters as being unique and weird, there are 13 other states in our glorious union that have state dinos.

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Wyoming and though the District of Columbia has not achieved full statehood that did not deter them from naming Capitalsaurus (get it?) as their official dinosaur in 1998.

So when does a state like Illinois get their state dinosaur? The answer is, when it finds fossil remains there, which it has not yet. All of the other states discovered the fossils of their dinosaur within their borders. Podokesaurus holyokensis was found near Mount Holyoke College by Geologist, paleontologist, and professor Mignon Talbot in 1910.

So people of Michigan, Vermont, Illinois and the rest, start looking for fossils and maybe you'll get to name one after yourself, and maaaaybe it gets an official state dinosaur designation. Glacial erosion might make that difficult in many states–but not impossible. But, good luck finding any dinosaurs, Florida. You were completely under water back then.