The ingenious dual-chambered FLPSDE water bottle holds your water and a snack simultaneously

Whether you're hitting the hiking trail or poised for some other outdoor adventure, hydration is key – so a water bottle should always be within arm's reach. But, what about all that other stuff that needs to come with you out into the big bad world? What about your keys? Or a snack? Or those other personal essentials that you can't be without?

The folks at FLPSDE got irritated weighing down their pockets with all those extra items – so they created the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle. It's a functional, yet strikingly cool bottle helps pull together everything the outdoorsman or light traveler needs for an epic journey into one tight package.

Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the FLPSDE really is two bottles in one. The 20 oz. outer chamber can handle beverages both hot and cold, as the vacuum-isolated steel casing maintains your fluids at their original temperature for hours, safely. Meanwhile, the secret 7 oz. inner chamber nests neatly inside, a dry spot to stash some nuts or trail mix, your keys, cash, or maybe even some pet treats for the furry companion you travel with.

Or, you can even pop the inner chamber out and just roll with a maximum 29 oz. of your favorite drink. The configuration options are all up to you.

Both wide-mouthed ends feature low profile caps crafted so the bottle can stand securely when set on either end. There's also a carry handle on the top for more convenient toting, in addition to the silicone band grip so you don't drop it. And, the whole bottle breaks down easily for quick and simple cleaning without needing brushes or extra reach to get to every corner.

The FLPSDE is already attracting attention with Men's Journal touting its "ingenious dual chamber design" and USA Today including it in its rundown of Best Bottles available.

Regularly $35, you can save 15% off the purchase of the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle by entering the Presidents' Day Sale code PREZ2021 at checkout. That drops your final price down to only $29.75.

Prices subject to change.