Popeyes new flounder sandwich for Lent comes with insurance option

As the Lenten season approaches and many Catholics opt not to eat meat on Fridays, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has a fish answer for them. The Cajun deep-fried flounder sandwich much like the sought-after chicken sandwich, except with tartar sauce instead of mayonnaise.

In a clever marketing ploy Popeyes offers insurance on each sandwich but only on its opening day. No, not for bodily injury or death due to trying to get the sandwich.

via freep.com:

Popeyes is sure customers will love the sandwich but will also offer "Sandwich Insurance" only on Thursday's launch day. For an additional 15 cents, customers who buy the fish sandwich and don't like can replace it for free with the chain's chicken sandwich.

Incidentally, anytime I type "Popeyes" my spellcheck goes red. "Popeyes" is supposed to have an apostrophe, right? Popeye possesses a chicken place so apostrophe 's'? Nope. The owner Al Copeland sarcastically stated that he was "too poor" to afford an apostrophe. What?

And, here's another fun fact you didn't ask for: Popeyes Chicken was named after "Popeye" Doyle, Gene Hackman's racist, brutally violent, alcoholic womanizer character from the 1971 movie The French Connection. Why would anyone name their restaurant after that character? Try the liver specials at Hannibal's?