Seniors become hot vaccine commodity in Massachusetts

On Wednesday, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced that younger people who accompany seniors 75 and over to get the Covid vaccine can get vaccinated as well. By allowing companions to also get the shot, the hope was that more seniors who might have been afraid to travel alone to the state's mass vaccination sites would now sign up. And they did! The response was overwhelming.

How overwhelming?

On Thursday, Craigslist Boston had close to twenty ads from people who were suddenly filled with kindness and desperately wanted to volunteer to give seniors a free ride to be vaccinated.

A few good-doers were even offering cash to seniors for the privilege of transporting them to the vaccination site.

You have to admire the ingenuity. People are desperate to be vaccinated for a myriad of reasons and the waiting game sucks for everyone. But at the same time, as Gov. Baker said on Thursday, seniors shouldn't be taking rides from strangers in any instances, let alone to get vaccinated. Here's to hoping those 600 million doses ordered by the federal government come through for everyone.