Video of the tragic frozen freeway pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas

At least five people died and 36 injured in a quarter-mile-long I-35 freeway pileup involving over 100 cars and trucks. Anyone who has driven on black ice knows how dangerous it can be.

From Truck Drivers Life:

The pileup appeared to have started about 6:15 a.m. Thursday as motorists ventured onto slick roads coated in a thin sheet of ice from freezing rain that had fallen overnight and into the early morning hours.

Multiple cell phone videos show cars traveling at a high rate of speed, then sliding and crashing into each other. Multiple 18-wheelers were involved in the pileup and crashed violently into other passenger vehicles.

First responders had to methodically work to reach the incident scene and then work their way from car to car to check on the condition of people inside. Several people had to be extricated and sanding trucks were brought in to assist with removal of vehicles.