These 15 Lightning cables are a big step up from that generic Apple cord

Have you ever shattered a piece of licorice? No, really…candy can shatter. If a Red Vine has become old and stale, it will literally explode into a thousand tiny red shards if you smack it against a hard surface.

And that's practically all it takes to make a standard-issue Apple Lightning cable explode as well. For all the convenience of an iPhone or iPad, their power often comes from these daintily constructed cables that fray, splinter, fall apart, and stop working with shocking regularity.

If you want to transfer power or data, you better upgrade from the cable that came with your device to any of these sturdier, more power Lightning connector options now on sale as part of the Boing Boing Store's Presidents' Day Sale. And, for a limited time, when you use the code PREZ2021 during check out, you'll receive an extra 15% off the already discounted price.

PLUGiES Curves Stainless Steel Zinc Alloy Cable – $6.79 after code PREZ2021; originally $25

Why settle for cheap rubber coating when your charging cable can be sheathed in stainless steel? Made from durable zinc alloy, the 3.3-foot cable is encased in an anodized exoskeleton, protecting the cable from bending and breaking. Meanwhile, it also serves up to a 2.4A power joilt for your Apple devices.

Nylon Braided iPhone Lightning Cable – $8.49 after code PREZ2021; originally $15

If metal isn't your thing, you might lean toward this Kevlar fiber core, nylon braided cable with precision laser welding instead. With that exceptional tensile strength, this connector is built to withstand all the rigors of the world, including yanking, twisting, stretching, or even dropping.

LED Light 3-in-1 Micro/Type-C/Lightning Charger Cable – $10.16 after code PREZ2021; originally $29

This 3-in-1 retractable cable has built-in USB-C, Micro USB, and iOS connectors to handle all your quick charging needs. And, while the nearly 40-inch length and easily transportable retractable coiling make this a great charging option, the glowing blue, red, green, or multi-colored LED lighting pulsing from this cable is strangely hypnotic in its own right.

Aduro Fidget Magnetic Self-Winding MFi Lightning Cable – $11.89 after code PREZ2021; originally $49

Speaking of retractable, here's a cable that's actually self-winding. Magnetic rings along the length of this flexible silicone sleeve connector allow users to wrap it into a neat coil that stays wound up without any straps or ties. And the magnetic clicks are so satisfying that it'll probably seem less like a Lightning cable and more like a fidget toy.

10-Ft Cloth MFi-Certified Lightning Cable – $12.74 after code PREZ2021; originally $39

At 10 feet, this cloth-encased cable can practically stretch across any room to handle your plug-ins, even if the outlet is in a hard-to-reach spot. This fiber is also tangle-resistant, so even while the MFi-certified cord safely powers up your Lightning-fed devices, you won't have to worry about the cord getting knotted up either.

Crave 4Ft Lightning to USB Cable – $12.74 after code PREZ2021; originally $19

This 4-foot professional-grade cable is wrapped in braided nylon for added protection, all while serving up fast, reliable connections for your iPhones and iPads. The Lightning connector is also crafted to actually detect your device's precise power needs and feed power at that level, avoiding any disastrous overcharges or power surges.

Logiix Sync and Charge Anti-Stress MFi Lightning Cable – $18.66 after code PREZ2021; originally $24

An anti-stress cable? Yes…but not for you. It's for the cable. The reinforced flexible housing helps shield the wiring inside to prevent breakage and fraying. In addition to being a stress-free cable, it's also almost 4 feet long and MFi-certified to stand up to any extra stress you heap on to keep serving up a safe, efficient charge.

CharbyEdge Pro 6-in-1 Universal Cable – $21.24 after code PREZ2021; originally $30

They call it the Master Key. That's because this cable works in just about any charging situation. With adapters for Lightning, USB-A, USB-C, and MicroUSB, all it takes is to snap a new head in place and this cable is ready to jump into the action. With 100w speed, you get the fastest possible power-up for Macbooks, laptops, smartphones, and other USB electronics, plus, it's rated to withstand more than 30,000 bends without breaking.

Piston Connect XL 90 10Ft MFi Lightning Cable – $29.71 after code PREZ2021; originally $39

For a charge from a really awkwardly positioned source, the Piston Connect XL not only serves up 10 feet of cable to help you reach, it's also got a 90-degree connector getting those hard to reach spots. Meanwhile, the slim housing relieves stress on the cable, which is ready for use with both Macs and PCs.


Naztech 6' Hybrid 3-in-1 Charge and Sync Cable – $18.69 after code PREZ2021; originally $29

Naztech USB to MFi Lightning 12' Extra Long Cable – $19.54 after code PREZ2021; originally $29

Whether you go with the 6-foot or the 12-foot, Naztech cables get the job done. The Hybrid includes integrated adapters for quick, easy connections to all Lightning as well as USB-C and Micro USB devices. And, the high purity copper wires inside make the Hybrid up to 10 times stronger than the wimpy standard cables. 

Meanwhile, the extra-long 12-footer makes reaching any position no problem, so you can use your phone and power up at the same time. This cable is also crafted for high-speed charging and transfer, so you can move data, music, even video from device to device quickly.


JunoPower Kaebo Braided Anti-Tear Charging Cable: 3-Pack – $11.89 after code PREZ2021; originally $29

If one cable is good, then three is even better. Constructed from aluminum and nylon cloth, these cables are built to survive. They're also ultra-flexible, designed to run circles around those rubber-coated cables, all while fitting with most of the most popular iPhone cases like Lifeproof and Otterbox.

Chargeworx NYLOTuff 6Ft MFi Lightning Cable: 2-Pack – $23.79 after code PREZ2021; originally $39

Tuff is right in their name – and these premium metal cables will make sure you aren't constantly replacing broken, beat connectors. Stylish, durable, and scuff- and tangle-resistant with an innovative design, this NYLOTuff 2-pack can make sure you've always got a cable at home and another in your vehicle that will always work.

3ft Magnetic Fidget Cable (Black/3-Pack) – $39.94 after code PREZ2021; originally $54

6ft Magnetic Fidget Cable (Glow/3-Pack) – $48.44 after code PREZ2021; originally $72

The Fidget Cable will occupy your devices and your hands, but not your desk space. The super high-strength magnets keep the cable tightly coiled so it doesn't snake all over your desk. It's even pliable enough to make it into shapes like a spiral or a loop or a zigzag pattern. And, while the 3 or 6-foot versions are cool enough, you'll really get a kick out of the trippy glow in the dark edition.

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