The Wicked Ball keeps your cat happy and engaged even when you aren't around

Everybody loves dogs. But even the most dedicated doggy mom and pop will tell you that it really doesn't take much to keep the average pooch thoroughly entertained. Just give 'em a ball to chase or a patch of yard to run in and a dog will generally find enough to keep themselves occupied for the rest of the day.

Cats, however…they're a different species. Literally. While they often give off their feline air of supreme indifference, your cat isn't made of stone. They get to feeling lonely and bored every now and then too, especially when you're not around.

With the Wicked Ball, cat owners can make sure their furry friends stay active and engaged throughout the day, even when their human pal isn't home.

At first glance, the Wicked Ball looks like, well, just a ball. But backers on Indiegogo and Kickstarter didn't pitch in over $1.2 million for just a ball. No, the Wicked Ball is also wicked smart. See, it knows what it takes to catch your pet's attention, so it simulates the behavior of a small animal, boosting their curiosity and stimulating their sense of excitement and adventure.   

Wicked Ball is fully automatic with three different interaction modes to match your cat's activity level. From gentle to normal to active, Wicked Ball bobs, hops, scoots, and spins all on its own, activating your cat's natural hunting instincts.

Of course, Wicked Ball isn't trying to make your cat a nervous wreck, so the Intelligent Companion mode balances 10 minutes of play with 30 minutes of rest so your pet doesn't start freaking out.

It's durable enough to survive your pet's most ferocious scratching, biting or gnawing and it'll run up to 8 hours on a single charge in gentle mode. It's even got a built-in collision sensor so it doesn't crash into everything as well as a snack compartment designed just for cat treats.

Even though President Biden doesn't have a cat yet, you can still enjoy a Presidents' Day sale on the Wicked Ball and save an extra 15 percent off the price when you enter the code PREZ2021 at checkout. With the added savings, you can get the $49 Wicked Ball for just $36.51 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.