Can you guess what city is the setting of a random street video?

The game City Guesser has the same premise of GeoGuessr in that you are to guess where in the world you are. But City Guesser gives you clues in the form of video instead of a still picture. The game draws on your travel experience and your deductive reasoning skills. I tried the US only version, and was presented with quite a few towns that I'd never been to- and one I'd never even heard of. The best strategy in that case is to look for clues like advertising signs, area codes, and native plants. They aren't all big cities, either. But it's a lot of fun! It's not a competitive game, and you won't be judged on how long you let the video play. The answer key tells you how many miles off you are, which is embarrassing when it's thousands of miles. If you know the answer, zoom into the map to pinpoint the city. Try it out yourself– you may become addicted to City Guesser.

When you feel you've become pretty good at the game, you can step up to other versions at the bottom of the main page that limit your movement or your time, or even try a multiplayer version.  

[via Kottke]