Open an online business with a .store domain

Right now, almost half of all the websites that exist use a .com domain name. This makes it incredibly hard to find a domain name that hasn't already been taken, and if you already named and registered your company then you may be in for a really tough road ahead.

Say you started a line of clothing called Wildebeest. Even though nobody has ever built a site at, somebody owns it already. Turns out they are willing to sell it to you though…for only $390,000

Meanwhile, how will anyone even know that is a place to buy clothing? Instead of enduring that headache, why not brand your e-commerce store in a way that tells shoppers exactly what it is immediately — with a .store domain extension

And yes, is available.

So far, almost 500,000 retailers in 175 countries have ditched the .com extension to sell their wares on a .store domain. That exclusive, yet growing roster includes a host of Fortune 500 companies like Meredith Corp (, Billboard (, and Emirates (

It's also become a very trendy patch of cyber real estate for celebrities and artists like Cristiano Ronaldo (, Khalid (, Thelonious Monk (, and even Pewdiepie ( selling their wares under a .store name.

For anyone looking to sell online, a .store domain name is practically free promotion, letting visitors know immediately that commerce is your game. The .store extension also lends an air of authority and credibility to your business, even if you're only now getting it off the ground.

With less competition, odds are very high you can get just the evocative, keyword-friendly site name you want. That also becomes a big help with promoting your brand or driving traffic to your site through Google search results.

Once you select your domain, you can purchase the rights for anywhere from a year all the way up to 10 years to build your corner of the web, increasing your brand awareness and carving out your own easily-identifiable online presence.

With this offer, you can also lock in your .store domain at a fraction of the regular price. A one year lease of a .store domain name is usually $29.99, but with this deal, it's available now for just $4.99. You can also save now on five years of .store ownership, a $145 value for only $39.99; or 10 years at just $69.99, a savings of over $200. Your customers are waiting.

Prices are subject to change.