Rosetta Stone is considered the gold standard of language learning software and it's on sale at almost half off

For almost 30 years, if you ever thought about learning a foreign language online, one name would always come to mind: Rosetta Stone. 

As one of the pioneers in the field, the Rosetta Stone software has become virtually synonymous with language learning. And with years of innovation under its belt in assembling a world-class language learning system, there are few more battle-tested methods for acquiring a new language.

PC Mag knows tech that works – and they've showered Rosetta Stone with praise. In addition to a rare outstanding 5-star rating and an Editor's Choice distinction five years in a row, they call Rosetta Stone "the most polished language-learning app" and "the best premium software for building a foundation in a foreign language."

Rosetta Stone earns those glowing reviews the old-fashioned way, sacrificing the visual razzle-dazzle of lesser language systems for their world-famous immersive learning method that gets results.

With this one-year subscription, users get complete access to learning materials for all 24 languages in the Rosetta Stone archive, including popular choices like Spanish, French, and Chinese, to other options like Hebrew, Swedish, Turkish, or Vietnamese.

Rosetta Stone skips the boring opening vocab phase of teaching a new language, instead opting to get students speaking right out of the gate. That tactic triggers your natural contextual learning abilities, helping to draw connections between the things you see and the things you say.

Words become sentences, which become actual conversations as you start to assimilate the new language gradually. Stories teach new vocabulary in your new language as they were meant to be read. Rosetta Stone's proprietary TruACCENT speech-recognition engine starts fine-tuning your pronunciation from your first lesson, analyzing the words you say up to 100 times per second.

Meanwhile, live tutoring sessions help build confidence as you chat with native speakers. Students can listen and learn offline with downloadable Audio Companion lessons, all accessible across all your devices, including desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

A one-year subscription to a Rosetta Stone unlimited plan is usually a $179 value, but right now, you can get that total access for 12 months at almost half off, for only $99.99, for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.