Tik tok user cures her own insomnia using this trick

A psychology graduate shared a method on Tik Tok on how to deal with insomnia, which worked for her. With the stress of the pandemic, politics, the economy and a brutal winter (for some), who hasn't dealt with some sleeplessness? Those of you sleeping well and in warm climates, I dislike you.

This graduate student posts under @psychologee on the social media platform and regularly shares other hacks, like how to "drastically improve your memory for exams" for example. The woman said: "My psychology professor told me this trick to fall asleep in five minutes." Make a list in your head of random items. That's it? Sweet!

"It cured my insomnia," she posts.

Seggs? Proffessor? Well, yeah, it's Tik Tok. Get used to that. I will definitely try this method to see how effective it can be, but I think I will leave "seggs" off my random list, that topic generally does not help me sleep.