Mitch McConnell is a "dour" political "hack", says whoever's writing things for Trump these days

Despite Senate Republicans acquitting him in his second impeachment trial, ex-president Donald Trump has declared war on the party anyway for not being sufficiently sycophantic in doing so. In a letter published yesterday, Trump put his name to a tirade that makes clear that he still regards himself as the party's leader and that its nominal leaders—especially Mitch McConnell—must be gotten rid of.

"Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again. He will never do what needs to be done, or what is right for our country," said Mr Trump.

The former president said that the GOP would "never again be respected or strong" with Mr McConnell "at its helm".

The verbiage, ranty and inarticulate yet clearly not from the mind of Trump, has led some observers to conclude the letter was written by his hardline advisor Stephen Miller. Roll on 2024!