Police union loses bid to keep list of bad cops secret

The New York Times reports that New York's police unions have lost a legal bid to keep disciplinary records secret. This moves the state closer to revealing a "vast trove" of information about police misconduct, hidden from the public for decades.

The decision was hailed as a victory by New York City as well as by civil liberties groups, which have long argued that making the materials public would make it harder for problematic officers to escape significant punishment. Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, said his administration would move swiftly to release the records, though he did not give a time frame. "We look forward to releasing this data," he said, adding the city would seek "clarity from the court" regarding when that could happen.

We often talk of masks slipping, but there was never much of a mask on "police violence is a state secret" to begin with, was there?