Stunning new Adrian Tomine print pays tribute to his family internment camp history

Cartoonist and illustrator Adrian Tomine has been at the top of his game and pulling out all kinds of surprises lately. For this Friday's Day of Remembrance, he is offering a limited edition print with an extraordinary personal history.

"In 1942, Dorothea Lange took a photo of my grandmother right before she and my grandfather were incarcerated for four years in U.S. government segregation camps. My mom was born and spent the first two years of her life in these camps. In honor of Day of Remembrance (the date on which President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066), I've created an illustration based on Lange's iconic photo."

via Adrian Tomine's Instagram

Proceeds from this signed and numbered limited edition print will benefit Tsuru for Solidarity, an immigrant and refugee advocacy group co-founded by Tomine's mom, Satsuki Ina.

Prints will be $250 and available this Friday, February 19th at 7am PST.