This sleek MagSafe charging dock wirelessly powers your iPhone and AirPods at once

What's something everybody needs but nobody wants? It might sound like a really annoying riddle, but it's true! Chargers are a necessary evil, and not at all an item of extreme passion. 

The general requirements for charging devices are fairly simple compared to their monumental yet thankless role in our tech-driven world. We want easy. We want efficient. And most importantly, we want them to stay out of the way. The Omnia M2 meets that criteria. How, you might ask? As Jesse Pinkman once said, "Magnets! Oh!"

This modern, industrial charging stand gets a healthy boost thanks to built-in Apple MagSafe technology. Utilizing powerful magnets, all you have to do is tap your iPhone 12 against the charging pad. The magnets will snap your phone into place and start feeding up to 15 watts of raw power. Meanwhile, the charging arm holds your phone in place and allows you to switch between vertical and horizontal angles while powering up. There's also a USB-C port to facilitate even faster charging if you don't want to wait. 

The base of the dock is also a wireless charger of its own, capable of powering AirPods, AirPods Pro, or other Qi-enabled devices for convenient, 2-in-1 functionality. Everything is supported by a 24-watt power adapter, which offers ample power to your phone and earbuds at the same time. 

Finally, the unit is 100% safe, with overcharging, overheating, and foreign object detection to ensure your device never experiences a power-related accident. And unlike those ugly, boring plastic box chargers, the Omnia M2 is a simple yet sleek solution, featuring a casual footprint that easily hides in the background without drawing unwanted attention. 

The Omnia M2 Magnetic 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock usually sells for $89, but you can get one for just $74.95, saving 15% off the retail price.

Prices subject to change.