CNN bans Chris Cuomo from covering his brother, N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo

We've been watching the cameraderie and conflict between CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his brother, N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo, for nearly a year of pandemic coverage. With the news that governor Cuomo was covering up thousands of deaths in nursing homes, CNN has finally, belatedly banned anchor Cuomo from covering him.

Chris Cuomo hosted his brother for numerous segments of "Cuomo Prime Time" to discuss the coronavirus last year, when New York was at the epicenter of the pandemic and the governor was winning plaudits for his crisis management. Gov. Cuomo is now facing a federal probe and calls to resign over his handling of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

Chris Cuomo's show has not covered the controversy surrounding Gov. Cuomo…

Cuomo v. Cuomo was always a bad reality show, doomed to help the smarter brother conceal whatever truths the softer one was supposed to be getting at.