Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes now has his own talk show

Back in 2009, Jason wrote about Christmas with a Z, a benefit show with comedian Dana Gould doing a stand-up routine of Dr. Zauis from Planet of the Apes. Now, Dr. Zaius has his own talk show, Hanging with Doctor Z.

Hang out with show biz legend Dr. Z as he recounts his fabulous career in a name-dropping chat fest with his Hollywood pals. From The Rat Pack to The Ramones, Jerry Lewis to Jay Z, Billy Barty to Billie Ellish, the Dr knows them all and isn't shy about spilling tea.

Created by Dana Gould, Robert Cohen & Pete Aronson, "Hanging with Doctor Z" is the Darwinian Comedy you didn't know you needed, until now! This week, actor Steven Webber talks about seeing Martin Landau buy a tie at Ralph's supermarket… and it's all true!

You can find out more on the Doctor Z website.

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