Find out why Ted Cruz skipping town during a major crisis was "a massive screw up"

Ted Cruz supporters are trying to justify his disappearing act, saying there was nothing the senator could do to help Texas in a time of crisis. But Miles Taylor, former Homeland Security Chief, disagrees. "It's a massive screw up," he says about Ted Cruz hightailing it to Cancun when the going got tough for millions in Texas.

"In Ted's reelection, this is going to be the central issue. This guy would rather vacation in Mexico when people are dying than be there to manage the response."

Although senators aren't part of the "structure managing the response," Taylor explains in this Meidas Touch podcast clip why Cruz running for the hills, er, beach "is going to haunt him all the way to reelection." And why, "right now Beto O'Rourke looks like he's being the real Texan, and Ted Cruz looks like a slouch."