Folks who walked out on their life share their experiences

If you've ever fantasized about running away with a bandana tied to a stick — or what I just learned is called a "bindle" — head on over to Reddit where u/always_thinking1 asked "People who just up and left one day and started a new life, what was your experience like?

One thing I know from personal experience is that people who "just up and leave" are usually in despair and desperate for a change and you can never outrun yourself. Thankfully most of these stories have happy endings. 


4 years ago, I abruptly quit a job I had worked for 7.5 years that I finally had to admit was a dead end. I got a job at a lodge in a national park flipping burgers for minimum wage. I didn't know a single person there when I moved. But it quickly led to travelling to amazing places like Alaska and making lots of friends from all over the world. The experience gave me the confidence to really pursue my career goals, and last year I finally got my dream job! Nothing good happens in your comfort zone! —


I did this last year. Granted I stayed in the same state, it was terrifying and exciting all rolled into one. I quit my job without having another one. Sold my house without having a home. Packed everything my son and I owned and moved 3 hours away. Best. Decision. Ever. It made me feel like I could do it again if I ever wanted too. The world is so big, so it was empowering.


If you are in a rut and have the chance to start fresh somewhere with a better job and lifestyle then just do it. Modern transport and telecommunications mean that keeping in touch with friends and family is easier than ever.

I took a chance and moved from a crappy place in the UK to central Europe 12 years ago and it completely transformed my life in almost every meaningful way. I went from really strongly disliking the place I live in and the kind of people I had contact with, to now living in what is for me a paradise, working in stimulating and increasingly well paid jobs and surrounded mostly by positive and intellectual people. Also my quality of life is just awesome and my health and fitness is now really good. I still haven't met my soul mate or life partner, but I've no idea if that person even exists and at least I have had some good along the way with some great and memorable people.

Lord knows what I would have been doing with my life if I hadn't of taken that chance. Probably in some uninspiring job in an uninspiring place dreaming about how my life could have been different if only I'd had more balls.

Life is short, so take what opportunities you can to make it better.


I did this a year and a half ago. Best thing I've ever done. Moved from Western New York to Arizona! It was tough at first with trying to get on my feet, and when I did…the pandemic started. But it's easier to do than most people think. I believe most people dont do it because of the "unknown" and scared of change. For me, I'm happier than I've ever been. I have a really good paying job. The best paying job I've ever had actually. And the first job I've ever had that I enjoy going to. I'm 34 so that's saying something! And to live where I live, views of mountains, beautiful weather….it's just a dream come true.

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