That time Prince won the Super Bowl

2007 almost made me care about sports because that was the year that Prince played the Super Bowl. Though his crew was assured that it hadn't rained at the Super Bowl in 40 years and not to worry about it, lo and behold, they woke up on the morning of the game to a brutal tropical storm. Threat of electrocution be damned, Prince just threw on a cute do-rag and utterly killed it, playing epic guitar solos on a live guitar while being battered by wind and rain. His back-up dancers kept it moving too, pretending like they weren't about to plummet to their deaths dancing on 8- inch heels on the slick tile stage while he blasted through "Let's Go Crazy".

Can you imagine being in the crowd for this? I die.

"That Prince set is so wild. He does other people's songs, he's not promoting himself. He's just making music. It's profound and it's loud and it's funky and it's just one performer, shaking the entire world."

– Jon Pareles, New York Times