The rugged HyperGear Quake speaker is built for the outdoors – with a few sly surprises

We always want to take a portable speaker out to the park or the beach, or out into the wilderness on our outdoor adventures. However, what you'll soon discover is many wireless speakers just can't handle the elements out there. Many fold up with just the smallest bit of jostling, dirt, or moisture.

The HyperGear Quake is a wireless speaker that's not only engineered to survive whatever happens out there in the world, but it's even got a few tricks of its own to make it a pretty savvy travel companion for all the journeys ahead.

First and foremost, the Quake is a speaker, so it should come as no surprise that it packs a massive HD stereo soundscape. With precision bass and clearly balanced acoustics, this speaker is ready to fill any area with your chosen audio. 

The unit connects via Bluetooth, so it not only handles music, it can also connect to your phone and be used for calls with the built-in mic. It's also equipped to sync with non-Bluetooth devices via the aux-in port, so you can play audio files directly from a Micro SD memory card or even tune FM radio. You can even pair up a duo of Quake speakers to an even richer sound experience.

To back up that sound, the Quake is also built like a tank. But, at less than 2.5 lbs., it's a nimble tank, constructed with a rugged IPX4 shock, splash, and weather-proof exterior, and is powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can run for up to 15 hours.

And, that battery isn't just large enough for its own needs. You can also plug in other devices to the Quake and let its 5,000mAh battery juice up any of your other tech that needs a quick boost.

Right now, you can save 25% off the price of the HyperGear Quake Wire Speaker with this offer. Available in basic black or camo-style green, you can get one for just $44.99.

Prices subject to change.