These metal-reinforced, durability-tested elite Lightning cables are over 25% off

We love our iPhones and iPads. And, we love those devices almost as much as we hate the Lightning cables that power them. It's not the cables themselves that we hate as much as their finickiness and unreliability. Within a few weeks of coming out of the box, your connector has likely already suffered enough damage from kinks, twists, knots, and other regular real-world abuse to be hovering on the edge of stopping altogether.

Rather than spending way too much on mostly disposable Lightning cables that give out way too fast, invest in a quality build at comparable prices like Naztech's line of Elite Series 4-Foot Lightning Metal Cables.

Just feeling one of these cables in your hands gives you a more secure feeling about your future charging abilities. Unlike most brittle, frail Lightning cords, these Elite Series entries are crafted for extreme durability. 

Each cable is coated with an industrial-strength metal sheath, fortified with reinforced stress points, aluminum connectors, and thick gauge wiring to make them up to 20 times stronger than average cords. Plus, they're crafted with a tangle-free twisted spring coil design for additional security. With all that protection in place, Elite cables have been tested to survive over 50,000 bends and still keep powering on.

All that protection is put to good use in the true purpose of each cable, supplying data and power at optimal speed. The high-purity copper signal wire and thick ground conductors ensure ultra-fast and reliable communication and connectivity between your devices.

The Naztech Elite Series 4-foot cables are now also on sale. At over 25% off, you can get one in black, gold, or rose gold colors for just $21.99. Or, you can save more by getting a 3-pack in any of those same colors.

Prices subject to change.