I have been enjoying these rice paper cones

I was recently convinced to try rice paper cones, and I won't be going back!

I have long been an adherent to the church of RAW classic papers and cones. As a fan of technology I was convinced their near-invisible cross-hatch pattern did lead to them burning more evenly and that was that.

During a recent flurry of messages about how awesome smoking marijuana is, with one of my business partners, I was introduced to the idea of rice paper cones. "Better" and "healthier" and "no taste" whatever that taste was.

I was close to the end of my supply, and so ordered these rice paper replacements. The Medium size here is equivalent to the '98 Special' sold by RAW. I buy tubes of 100, because efficiency.

I know very little about better or healthier, however I was surprised to learn you can actually taste or tell the difference when smoking the same weed. The rice paper is less present and it kind of reminds me of the difference between a super clean pipe and a dirty pipe.

I prefer the clean pipe, and now I prefer the rice paper.

Jware Medium Size Cones | 100 Pack | Pre-Rolled King Size Rice Rolling Papers Clean Tasteless and Odorless Papers with Efficient Adhesion via Amazon