Technology making plant to farmer communication possible

A farmer walking into their field to listen to what their crop has to say might give one pause, but no more. Thanks to the Swiss tech company Vivent, they are tapping into the electrical signals plants transmit from their roots to indicate to farmers what the plant needs. So, now a farmer can justifiably have judgment-free lengthy conversations if he/she chooses to (Note: this tech does not enable the plants to listen to farmers, but if a farmer wants to have a chat with their plants, let's be cool about it).

Farmers have always had to rely on secondary indicators to diagnose a plant's state. Now, with Vivent's PhytlSigns technology they can detect when a plant is under stress from hunger, thirst, or insect attacks immediately. They send signals about that stress between their cells.

via The Optimist Daily:

Like a human on an ECG machine, Vivent can physically hook up plants to electrodes and make it possible to remotely view up-to-date information about a particular crop. As reported by Fast Company, Vivent already has an agrochemical company as a client that uses the PhytlSigns technology to monitor fungal stressors. The technology proved itself very valuable when it alerted the company that plants were still sending distressed signals even after it looked like the fungus had cleared from the plants

Is there danger in developing smart plants? Is this the path to making cognitive crops? They certainly won't go along with the idea of being eaten and harvested when they figure that all out. We need to prepare for the big plant revolution!