Watch: "Flight to Mars" trailer from 1951

In the spirit of the recent Mars landing, check out this theatrical trailer for the movie "Flight to Mars", made in 1951. The first graphic pops up saying "Fifty years into the future!" which would put them at 2001. Not to dampen this accomplishment but it's 2021 and I saw NASA administrator, Steve Jurczyk, say on the news this morning that we're 6-8 years away from a rocket going to Mars to retrieve the soil samples that the rover Perseverance is gathering now. Yikes! 6-8 years? Film always overshoots our technological capabilities, which are remarkable, don't get me wrong. But, this I know, 20 years from now: flying cars. Bank on it.

"Flight to Mars" looks very entertaining and hilarious, if you can tolerate schmaltzy classic sci-fi, and one that IMDB says was shot in 5 days, using many sets of past movies. I searched and found the movie on no other platform but the whole film is available here on YouTube, in really fuzzy color. Though I enjoyed the trailer you would be a braver soul than I to watch the movie start to finish.