First stamp designed by Alaskan indigenous artist, showing Raven stealing the sun

USPS asked Rico Lanáat' Worl, a Tlingit and Athabascan artist, to create a stamp. He drew an awesome piece showing Raven, the Trickster, stealing the sun.

Over at his web site, Worl tells a short version of the traditional story that his image is based on. In the story, the world is living in darkness, with no celestial lights. There's a chieftain who owns big collection of lights, so Raven sneakily becomes part of the family, then sets about setting the lights free.

As Worl writes:

The stamp depicts a moment of climax in one of his heists. Stealing the stars. Raven is trying to grab as many stars as he can, some stuck in his feathers and in his hands or in his beak. Some falling around him. Its a frazzled moment of adrenaline. Partially still in human form, as depicted as his hand still being human, as he carries the stars away. I think it depicts a moment we all have experienced, the cusp of failure and accomplishment.

I can't wait to buy a sheet of these! I don't really send many letters any more, but I'd like to have a sheet just to look it — this is really iconic art.