The Deeper Connect Nano is like the VPN of the future, without the monthly fee

There's a ton of reasons why you should use a virtual private network (VPN), but while they secure your internet connection, they come with a few trade-offs. For instance, you have to pay a recurring subscription fee. Some VPN providers even catalog your web activity and sell it to third parties. Others offer inadequate protection that allows your sensitive information to get exposed to online thieves and cyber snoops.

What VPNs started, the Deeper Connect Nano perfects. It's a decentralized VPN and firewall solution that addresses many of those nagging VPN issues, and it does so with a level of simplicity and usability that makes the rightful inheritor of the online security crown.

The Deeper Connect Nano isn't actually a VPN at all, it's a DPN — a decentralized private network. Rather than running all your web activity through a company's private internet tunnel, a DPN lets you be your own client and server without the middleman. Therefore, you'll still enjoy fully encrypted data transfers and web access from anywhere in the world, all without depending on outside servers or getting your data logged. 

On the user end, the Deeper Connect Nano couldn't be simpler. With just pair of ethernet cables, you can get it up and running with no configurations needed. Once your devices are connected, you can get the most out of your high-speed internet without VPN speed bottlenecks or service slowdowns. 

Your connection is safeguarded by 7 layers of deep packet, enterprise-grade cybersecurity inspection, which can extend to every networking device in your home or office. It even includes smart routing features that automatically change your visible IP address based on the content you view.

Everything is controllable through the Deeper Connect interface, which gives users ultimate control over every aspect of their online journey, as well as details analytics that illustrate all online activities happening on your network. Best of all, the Deeper Connect Nano is a one-time purchase, so you don't ever have to worry about a monthly or annual subscription fee. 

Tech-savvy shoppers will understand why the Deeper Connect Nano is so revolutionary. In fact, it raised close to $1 million from nearly 3,000 backers on Indiegogo, and now, this device is finally a reality. 

If you want to safeguard your network with next-gen online security, you can grab your own Deeper Connect Nano for $199.99, or $100 off. 

Prices subject to change.