Clearcover saves money for drivers who know the right auto insurance provider matters

Sometimes, it doesn't feel like being smart and driven gives you a ton of advantage over those who aren't as bright or aren't as motivated. Even though you've worked hard to launch a career, build some positive credit history, or start your journey toward a happy, productive future, the simple fact that you're what Gen X would consider young can often lump you in with people who haven't taken that same kind of care.

Take car insurance, for example. In many cases, just being of a certain age means you're paying more. Historically, drivers in their 20s are prone to suffer more accidents than older drivers are. So even though you may have your ducks in a row, the reality of your fellow 20-somethings often comes back to bite you in the form of higher rates.

Clearcover doesn't think that's fair. So if you're willing to shop for auto insurance that puts a premium on quality service at an affordable price over cut-rate providers that might save you a dollar or two, Clearcover appreciates your hustle. And they want to help. 

Clearcover is a digital car insurance provider that's doing things the right way. Based out of Chicago, this digital operation cuts the bloat that drives up rates from other insurance companies so they can pass along savings to those who deserve it — smart, motivated, savvy drivers who want quality insurance coverage.

As a digital business, Clearcover doesn't maintain fancy offices or have to keep a giant infrastructure afloat. Instead, they use the advantages of artificial intelligence to stay small and scrappy, quickly assessing a driver's insurance needs so they can craft a policy that offers premium protection at the lowest possible coverage rates.

All drivers have to do is go to the Clearcover website and answer a couple of quick questions about their location and vehicle. If they're in one of the 13 states Clearcover serves, they can find their price in minutes. 

There's no guarantee it'll be lower than what you're paying for coverage now, but since you can change insurance providers at any time — this is legit, contrary to what you might've always believed — it never hurts to check with Clearcover and see what they can offer. In fact, many new Clearcover customers report they're saving upwards of $500 or more each year after making the switch.

And Clearcover takes a driver's particular situation into account as well, serving up valuable extras like lower rates for rideshare drivers or for those with vehicles rocking advanced safety features or self-driving abilities.

That same no-nonsense approach to forming your coverage also applies whenever drivers need to make a claim. Clearcover prides itself on its hassle-free process, allowing its customers to handle nearly every step of their insurance protection right from their phone. Using Clearcover's award-winning mobile app, existing customers can file claims, adjust their coverage, make payments, and more, all without having to sit through long phone calls with agents and company officials you don't even know.

With more than 400 reviews on sites like Google, the Better Business Bureau, TrustPilot, and more, customers have rated Clearcover with a distinguished 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Users can start their own Clearcover journey now with a quick, cost-free check of their policy options. You're not guaranteed to save 500 bucks, but just a few minutes will help you find out if you can.

Prices are subject to change.